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CHTM signs international collaborative research agreement with CIMAV

Science and research are without borders, and with advancements in travel and communications, the opportunities for international partnerships have never been more accessible.

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Study to look at why Hispanic women are disproportionately affected by obesity

Hispanic/Latina women participants sought for weight loss study

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UNM, Los Alamos National Labs sign new cooperative joint faculty agreement

Five-year joint appointments will increase research opportunities

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UNM paves the road into the future for Quantum Information Science

Imagine a future of cyber-transactions with unbreakable encryption.

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Research shows more bikes equal safer roads for all

Contrary to conventional wisdom, cities where there are higher percentages of bicyclists are actually safer for all road users than cities where fewer citizens are biking

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Research 2020

The research strategic plan of the UNM Office of the Vice President for Research

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The mission of the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is to advance innovation and discovery. The core of this mission is the research, scholarship, and creative works of UNM faculty. The OVPR seeks to facilitate these activities, resulting in new knowledge and applications of value to academic communities and the public.


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