About the Annual Research Lecture

The Annual Research Lecture has been presented at UNM since 1954 and is one of the highest honors the University bestows on its faculty member in recognition of research/creative activity. The nominate faculty member must be an active, full-time Professor or exceptional Associate Professor at the time the nomination is submitted with a record similar to that of applicants for Distinguished Professor (see the List of Honor below for past winners).  The research or creative works of the nominee must be of the highest quality with an outstanding cumulative record of achievement nationally and internationally (unless another domain is more relevant).  The nominee will also be evaluated on the body of work that has been completed while at UNM, including mentoring. This often requires ten or more years at UNM to be competitive. 

UNM's Annual Research Lecture Series

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UNM Past Annual Research Lectures

Lecture Year Research Lecturer Department Research Lecture Topic
1975 Ralph C. Williams Jr. Medicine "Suppressor T-cells: Their Possible Relationship to Autoimmunity and Cancer"
1974 Frank A. Logan Psychology "Learning Theory and Higher Education"
1973 Hugh M. Miller Music "Humor in Music"
1971 James Yao Civil Engineering "Earthquake Engineering and Structural Safety"
1970 Gerald Nash History "The American West in the 20th Century"
1968 Archie J. Bahm Philosophy "Philosophy-1968"
1967 Stanley S. Newman Anthropology "Relativism in Language and Culture"
1966 Richard C. Cove Mechanical Engineering "Advances in Man's Ability to Measure His Environment"
1965 Edwin Lieuwen History "Men on Horseback: The Latin-American Military Elites"
1964 Milton Kahn Chemistry "Radioisotopes in the Study of Unweighable Amounts of Matter"