UNM Research Centers and Institutes

The Office of the Vice President for Research oversees nine research centers and institutes with broad faculty and interdisciplinary representation. Research Centers are categorized into Category I, II and II. These units and are listed and briefly described below.


Category I

Department specific centers, not inter-or cross-disciplinary, not entirely grant funded.

Category II

Cross-disciplinary within a college; two or more departments, generally not entirely grant funded. May offer related courses.

Category III

Interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary centers that cuts across college and disciplinary lines; mostly grant funded. No formal course offerings. May have national and international partners.

Centers and Institutes Reporting to the Office of the Vice President for Research

OVPR provides Category III Centers, as well as some large crosscutting grants and programs, with an overarching management support structure that include high level HR, Facilities, Financial, and Management assistance and continuing staff development. Recent examples are provided in the link below.

To read about the centers that report to the office of the vice president please go to: Center and Institutes