What we do.

Faculty Research Support Services (FRSS), a unit of the Office of the Vice President for Research, can help faculty, students, administrators, and staff with efforts to obtain external funding. 

Faculty Research Support Officers (FRSOs) can offer assistance in:

  • Finding funding sources matching research interests and project development
  • Proposal development (including budget) and preparation
  • Navigating UNM's proposal process
  • Planning, coordinating, and supporting large and complex proposal efforts requiring numerous partnerships and multidisciplinary collaborations.

Proposal Development and Awards Guide

To find out more about proposal development at UNM. click here

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Contact Us

Susan M. De Los Santos
Faculty Research Support Officer
email: sdelossa@unm.edu
phone: 505/277-0272

Monica Fishel
Faculty Research Support Officer
email: mlfishel@unm.edu
phone: 505/277-8114

Allison Hagerman
Faculty Research Support Officer
email: alphao@unm.edu
phone: 505/277-0168

Elly Van Mil, Ph.D.
Faculty Research Support Officer
email: evanmil@unm.edu
phone: 505/277-7452