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NM EPSCoR making progress on tough energy issues

Monday, 28 September 2015

Two year progress report available

Research scientists from universities across the state are making progress on some of the complex research needed to address obstacles related to energy independence.

Energize New Mexico was the largest National Science Foundation (NSF) grant in the state in 2014. Fifty institutions are involved in collaboration with the New Mexico Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NM EPSCoR).

Natalie Willoughby, NMEPSCoR staff member said, “NM EPSCoR is working hard for the state of New Mexico. Not only is the Energize New Mexico grant building a self-sufficient, sustainable energy future for the state through research and education, it is also providing a culture of entrepreneurship and establishing strong STEM collaborations between community colleges, tribal colleges, and the big 3: UNM, NM Tech, and NMSU.

Download the complete report at the NMEPSCoR website.

The five-year grant for “Energize New Mexico” was awarded in 2013. The grant focused on problems in specific areas of energy related research.

New Mexico celebrates International Year of Light

Monday, 7 September 2015

From the phones, tablets or computers we rely on daily to various medical technologies that improve our health, whether we know it or not, we depend upon technologies made possible by light. That’s why the University of New Mexico and its Center for High Technology Materials will be the host of the state’s celebration of the International Year of Light on Sept. 25 as a chance to highlight current and future advancements in the field.

Events will be held at the University of New Mexico Student Union Building Ballrooms A, B and C. The day will kick off at 7:15 a.m. with a complimentary breakfast, with sessions beginning at 8 a.m. A complimentary lunch will also be served.

Registration for the free event is open here.

Light and photonics are also responsible for the creation of the Internet, weather and climate monitoring, the fabrication of computer chips, advances in medical technology and dentistry, airport screening technology, solar cells, and barcodes found on products for purchase, among many other technologies.

UNM College of Fine Arts partners with 516 ARTS for 'The Potential Project'

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts is partnering with 516 ARTS to host The Potential Project a talk by guest artist Mel Chin, for “HABITAT: Exploring Climate Change Through the Arts,” a season-long collaboration offering an array of public programs this fall, on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 5:30 p.m. in Keller Hall, Center for the Arts.

Chin’s talk introduces a response to climate change through a model of sustainable economic freedom coming from a people without national status.

“For 40 years Saharawi nomads have lived in refugee camps in their native land under Moroccan occupation, and in Algeria, awaiting a vote for self-determination,” he said. “Forty years ago, Wallace S. Broecker first postulated ‘global warming’ due to human impact. Now this has become an internationally accepted reality. Devastating storms, decreasing polar ice and rising waters now threaten the world in an unprecedented way.

Read more at UNM Newsroom

Dr. Mary Jo Daniel Appointed Director of Faculty Research Development Office (FRDO)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Dr. Mary Jo Daniel has been appointed Director of the Faculty Research Development Office (FRDO) in the Office of the Vice President for Research, effective July 2015. The

FRDO is part of an extensive effort to expand and coordinate faculty research support on the main campus of UNM. Daniel will be responsible for campus-wide research initiatives as well as coordinating overall research support.

Daniel who has been serving as Associate Director of New Mexico EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) since 2010, brings extensive experience in coordinating and managing statewide programs, particularly those involving science and math education. EPSCoR is a $20M multiyear NSF project that involves UNM, NMSU and New Mexico Tech as well as NM 2- and 4-year colleges.

A graduate of the Annapolis campus of St. Johns’s College, Daniel received her MA in Secondary and Adult Teacher Education in 1985 and her Ph.D. in Multicultural Teacher and Childhood Education in 2005, both from UNM. She served as a middle school math and science teacher with APS and as a State Science Specialist with the New Mexico Public Education Department. She has been a co-principal investigator on several NSF grants.

Science for Solving Society's Problems Challenge

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

ECS program addresses world sanitation problems


Dr.Plamen Atanassov: One of 2014 Winners

Artificial Biofilms for Sanitary/Hygienic Interface Technologies Interfaces: Produce bio-catalytic septic cleaning materials that incorporate microorganisms removing organic and inorganic contaminants, while simultaneously creating electricity (or hydrocarbon fuel) for energy generation in support of a sustainable and portable system. Learn more about Dr. Atanassov and his work.

Nepal Study Center at UNM offers platform for research, global engagement

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bohara brings scientific research to urgent questions in Nepal

Economics professor Alok Bohara wants to establish the Nepal Studies Center at the University of New Mexico as a beacon. Bohara is the founder and expert guiding the Nepal Study Center’s research and community engagement work in Nepal.

A Nepalese-native, Bohara is very concerned about the number of bright minds like his that have left Nepal to live and work in other places. In collaboration with many of his colleagues from various U.S. universities, he is working on a way to turn what most people would call a brain drain from Nepal into something else.

“Let’s call it a brain bank,” he said, “and take that intellectual repository that is developing in the west, in North America, and see if we can tap and divert it back in Nepal.”

That’s why the Nepal Study Center offers a way for UNM students and faculty to look at fundamental questions of poverty, health, climate change and survival in the Himalayas.

Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering gets two R&D Awards totalling $1.41 Million

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Edl Schamiloglu, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering was awarded two Defense University Research Initiative Program (DURIP) grants. 

The first award is from AFOSR for $960,156.45 and entitled "Instrumentation Support for AFOSR Center of Excellence on the Science of Electronics in Extreme Electromagnetic Environments."  Co-PI's on this award are ECE Associate Professor Payman Zarkesh-Ha and ECE Research Associate Professor Sameer Hemmady.  More than half of the funds on this award are to purchase high frequency signal and waveform analysis instrumentation.  This award complements the recently awarded 6-year, $6M AFRL/AFOSR Center of Excellence on the Science of Electronics in Extreme Electromagnetic Environments that Professor Schamiloglu directs (with the University of Maryland as a subawardee).

Sandia, UNM ink pact to promote research, recruiting

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Sandia, UNM ink pact to promote research, recruiting

MOU to enable deeper, stronger collaboration

By Karen Wentworth

The nation’s largest national laboratory and New Mexico’s flagship university on Monday expanded their commitment to work together to help redefine the future of science and engineering for national security, partner on research and jointly recruit top researchers. Sandia National Laboratories President and Director Paul Hommert and University of New Mexico Provost Chaouki Abdallah signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a Strategic Alliance at UNM’s Centennial Engineering Center. “With this MOU, Sandia and UNM commit to a deeper relationship to strengthen both organizations by exchanging personnel, developing innovative joint research programs and educating the next generation of national security leaders,” Hommert said. UNM President Robert G. Frank said, “In research, as in real estate, location is key! Not many research universities have a national lab as their neighbor, but we do,” said “This agreement with Sandia Labs strengthens that close working partnership and pools our intellectual resources.”

The MOU aims to:

Michele Huff: The Transformative Negotiator

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Transformative Negotiator – a book, a class, a way of life.

UNM instructor Michele Huff offers a different way to approach a deal.

Humans are always looking to make deals. Whether it's negotiating a new job with a human resources director, working out an agreement with our kids or aging parents, a car pool or a way to share the office refrigerator, embarking on a tricky business deal or even a complex real estate agreement, humans are wheeling and dealing.

The way you approach the transaction can make all the difference between satisfaction and simmering resentment. Huff's Continuing Education course and book will help you direct the outcome.