UNM Research Focus Areas

The University of New Mexico research and scholarship landscape is vibrant, richly complex, and ever-changing. Faculty from a diverse range of disciplines tackle problems and generate knowledge to benefit New Mexico, the nation, and people around the world. This document acknowledges the University's current strengths and potential for growth. It can serve as a guide for strategic initiatives and must be revisited regularly to reflect evolution of the dynamic research environment.

Latest update: April 2016

Cross-cutting Research Areas

Involving researchers from multiple departments and achieving national recognition

  • Bioinformatics and Collections-based Research
  • Ecology and Climatology
  • Human Evolution, Social and Behavioral Dynamics, and Addictions
  • Materials Science and Optical Sciences and Engineering

Areas of Research and Scholarship Strength

Well positioned to extend across additional disciplinary units and to receive broader national recognition

  • Computational and Data Sciences
  • High Energy Density Physics
  • Medieval Studies
  • Quantum Information Science
  • Regional Resource Economics, Water, and Environment
  • Southwest Anthropological Research and Socio-cultural Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Land Arts of the American West

Developing Areas of Research and Scholarship Strength

Expected to grow in depth and impact regionally and beyond

  • Community Engaged Arts, Education and Public Health
  • High Performance Computing
  • Neuroscience, Learning, Cognition and Memory
  • Clean Energy Systems

UNM Research Focus Area Feedback Survey

The OVPR welcomes suggestions for revisions to this list of areas of research focus from members of the UNM community.To suggest revisions, Click here. All submissions will be reviewed by the Research Strategic Planning Committee.