Harness Pivot to find collaborators

Pivot enables you to search for faculty expertise at UNM and at other institutions around the world. Profiles are created for faculty listed on UNM department websites and in some instances, graduate students as well. The profiles are built by Pivot's editorial team using publically available information sources and maintained by the profile owner to ensure that the information is accurate.

Take it out for a test drive...

If you are on UNM's campus, you'll be able to search profiles without logging in to Pivot. Click here to explore Researcher Profiles at UNM. If you like what you see and want to save your progress and update your profile, click the "Sign Up" link on the Pivot homepage to create a Pivot account using your UNM e-mail address. 

Your Pivot profile

Other researchers may be looking to connect with someone like yourself! It's important to make sure that your profile in Pivot is updated. You can add your CV, publications, grants, and so much more!


Pivot has published articles and youtube videos to help with the learning curve. Check out their Pivot Help Desk for more information.