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Studying and creating in the laboratories of life

UNM students travel to Germany for ‘Matter to Life’ Conference

UNM’s partnership with the Air Force Research Lab is changing the future of aerospace

At this very moment, there’s a tower on Sandia Crest sending experimental, high frequency microwaves across the city. Using frequencies outside the range of conventional electronics, this tower is used to collect data on potential electromagnetic signals for future space communications. It’s a part of the W/V-band Terrestrial Link Experiment (WTLE) concept, from the Air Force Future Space Communications program, currently housed at the University of New Mexico’s COSMIAC research facility.

NSF taps UNM SOE faculty for CAREER Award

Tehrani aims to develop strong and ductile composites.

New report advises lawmakers on water resource issues

Researchers at The University of New Mexico are wading through one of the state’s most prolific problems: water resources.

Hamilton joins UNM research leadership team

Derek Hamilton has been named Assistant Vice President for Research at UNM.

UNM database of deceased people a national first

People die. All the time. From many causes, including old age, disease, accidents, murder. But researchers can learn from these deaths. Heather Edgar, forensic anthropologist at The University of New Mexico Office of Medical Investigator (OMI) and associate professor of anthropology, is currently converting a dataset of whole body decedent CT scans into a searchable database that will be available to researchers.

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