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UNM researchers tackle next gen power devices

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. What happens when technology demands something we have yet to achieve? Researchers from The University of New Mexico have teamed up with Sandia National Laboratories to address this very question that faces next generation power electronic devices.

Power electronic devices enable us to use different forms of electricity (e.g., alternating current or direct current) and can be found everywhere from powering up the latest gadgets to powering a remote community. With the growth of high power applications, such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, and aerospace, there is an increasing demand to make quality power electronic devices that operate at high efficiencies in a compact space.

ECE faculty NSF CAREER Award to increase wireless reliability

Chaos is never a good thing, whether it involves a messy room or messy waveforms. It is the latter that is the chief focus of a University of New Mexico researcher.
Zhen Peng, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, is the recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for a project titled “Physics-Oriented Statistical Wave Analysis Integrating Order and Chaos.” The $500,000 award began Feb. 15 and ends Jan. 31, 2023.

Mafi named director of Center for High Technology Materials

After a competitive nationwide search, Arash Mafi, associate professor of physics and astronomy, has been named director of the Center for High Technology Materials (CHTM), The University of New Mexico’s hub for photonics and nanotechnology.

Prior to the competitive search, Mafi had served as interim director of CHTM during 2016-2017. His appointment as director was effective Feb. 1, 2018.

Davis awarded third annual Community-Engaged Research Lectureship Award

One of the keys to successful work in a community-engaged approach to preventing disease and promoting healthy living is the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships. In community-based research, the inclusion of participants in every aspect of a study is important. It is beneficial to both researchers and community members alike.

Professor honored with NSF CAREER Award

In the modern undergraduate engineering curriculum, design projects — where students apply their technical knowledge and creativity to solving real-life challenges — are an important part of preparing students for future careers.

However, these design projects are often pre-chosen for pupils, and have little relevance to the students’ lives – leaving them less invested in the project and diminishing the potential benefits of design thinking.

UNM researchers solve climate mystery

Coming out of the last glacial period, there was a sudden climate reversal observed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the Earth. The cause of these changes during this interval so enigmatic, so much so, the interval was informally referred to as the “Mystery Interval.”

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