Environmental Scan

Charge to the Environmental Scan Working Group

The Environmental Scan Working Group is to develop current and future trends as well as opportunities and challenges in research and technology. The working group is to consult with internal and external subject matter experts and other constituent groups and key stakeholders. It will analyze and document how these trends will affect research faculty, staff, and students, research centers and programs, resources, facilities, and funding.

Name Information
Janie Chermak Professor and Chair, Department of Economics
  Committee Members
Trish Henning

Associate VP, Office of the Vice President for Research

Professor: Physics and Astronomy Department

Mary Jo Daniel Director: Faculty Research Development Research
Assoc Professor: VP Resrch & Econ Devlpmnt VPRED
Tobias Fischer

Professor: Earth and Planetary Sciences E PS

Barbara McCrady

Distinguished Professor: Department of Psychology
Director: Psychology Department
Director of CASAA: Psychology Department

Gabriel Sanchez

Executive Director: RWJF Center for Health Policy
Associate Professor: Political Science
Director: Inst for Policy, Eval & Applied Res
Exe. Dir, RWJ Foundation: Political Science

Andy Shreve

Director: Center for Biomedical Engr
Professor: Chemical and Nuclear Engr
Professor: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Summer Research: Chemical Nuclear Engineering
Director CBME: Chemical and Biological Engineering



Contact Info:

Dr. Ricardo Maestas
Special Assistant for Strategic Project Development
Office of the Vice President for Research
Email: rmaestas5@unm.edu
Tel: 505.277.6128