Federal and State Governmental Relations Working Group

Charge to Federal and State Governmental Relations Working Group

The Governmental Relations/State Legislative Priorities Working Group is to review current federal and state legislative initiatives and other relevant data. The working group is to make recommendations on how to improve the process of developing our legislative priorities and improve relationships with the national laboratories. In making its recommendations, the Working Group will take into account UNM’s strengths and research focus areas

Name Information
Karl Benedict,Chair Associate Professor: University Libraries, Dir of Research Data Services: University Libraries, Associate Professor: Geography
Committee Member List Affiliation
Ivan Deutsch, Assoc. Chair Professor: Physics Astronomy Department
Anne Jakle Assoc. Dir, NM EPSCOR and Adjunct Assistant Professor: Geography
Melissa Binder Associate Professor: Economics Department
Shirley Baros Director: Earth Data Analysis Center
Anil Prinja Chair, Nuclear Engineering: Professor: Nuclear Engineering
Meriah Heredia-Griego Director: Center for Educational Policy Research
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For Questions on the Research Strategic Plan contact:

Dr. Ricardo Maestas
Special Assistant for Strategic Project Development
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