Health Science Center Working Group

Charge to the MCR-HSC Working Group

The MCR-HSC Working Group is to examine mechanisms that enable interdisciplinary research collaborations between Main Campus and HSC researchers, develop new approaches to increase those collaborations, and identify new collaborative funding opportunities that will benefit the research enterprise on both campuses.
Name Information
Steve Graves, Chair Associate Director: Center for Biomedical Eng.
Professor: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Committee Member List Affiliation
Katie Witkiewitz, Assoc. Chair Associate Professor: Psychology Department
Quantitative Area Head: Psychology Department
Barbara Rodriguez Professor: Speech and Hearing Sciences
Chairperson: Speech and Hearing Sciences
Vince Clark Professor: Mind Research Network
Director: Psych Clinical Neuroscience Ctr
Professor: Psychology Department
Director of PCN Center: Psychology Department
Rob Del Campo Professor: ASM Organizational Studies
Director: Provost Office Staff
Interim Associate Dean: UC Student Academic Choices
Non Credit Teacher: ASM Management Development Center
Irene Salinas Assistant Professor: AS Biology General Administrative
Jeremy Edwards Professor: Chemistry Department
Bioinformatics Director: Chemistry Department
Modeling Core Diretor for STMC: Chemistry Department
Mark Parshall Professor: College of Nursing
Corey Ford Sr. Associate Dean for Research: UNM School of Medicine
Professor of Neurology: UNM School of Medicine
Director MD PhD Graduate Program: UNM Health Sciences Center
Senior Associate Dean: Neurology Adult
Associate Professor: Neurosciences
Jim Liu Professor: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Dean: COP Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor of Neurology: Neurology

For Questions on the Research Strategic Plan contact:

Dr. Ricardo Maestas
Special Assistant for Strategic Project Development
Office of the Vice President for Research
Tel: 505.277.6128