Human Capital Working Group

Charge to the Human Capital Working Group

The Human Capital Working Group is to examine relevant data on research faculty, staff and students and develop a comprehensive plan to create and sustain a dynamic, diverse, and effective research work-force. The plan should include ways in which to incentivize researchers with the ultimate goal of increasing sponsored research.

Name Information
Jeremy Edwards, Chair Professor: Chemistry
Committee Member List Affiliation
Rebecca Blum-Martinez, Assoc. Chair Professor: Language Literacy & Sociocultural Studies
April Davidson, Academic Operations Officer, SOE Dean’s Office
Virginia Scharff Associate Provost, Distinguished Professor: History
Tim Lowrey Associate Dean Graduate Studies, Professor: Biology
Paul Schwoebel Research Professor: Physics and Astronomy
Julia Fulghum Special Assistant for Graduate Ed, A&S Dean’s Office, Professor: Chemistry
Kateryna Artyushkova Associate Dir, CMEM, Research Associate Professor: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Kiyoko Simmons Director, Center for Academic Excellence and Leadership Development

For Questions on the Research Strategic Plan contact:

Dr. Ricardo Maestas
Special Assistant for Strategic Project Development
Office of the Vice President for Research
Tel: 505.277.6128