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Transform Your Idea Into Your Research

2. Develop Proposal

Now that you’ve identified the best fit funding opportunity, it’s time to craft your competitive & compelling proposal submission.


Step 1.

Decipher the funding opportunity announcement/solicitation for requirements by the program & funding agency. Every solicitation is unique, so, pay attention to minor details & take notes!

Step 2.

Use a checklist(s) to organize the processes, deadlines & required materials for a complete submission to both the funding agency and the UNM Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).

Step 3.

Build a relationship with the Program Officer (PO). Reach out to the PO by e-mail or phone (remember to respect their time) & know when you are contacting them (e.g., get feedback on an idea, specific question, etc.).

Step 4.

Write the proposal in accordance with the solicitation & agency guidelines.

Step 5.

Send your proposal to colleagues for scientific review/feedback. In addition, get proposal editing support from your department’s proposal support contact and use iThenticate to run a plagiarism check on your proposal.

Step 6.

Reach out to your department’s proposal support contact for assistance in preparing your proposal submission to UNM OSP and the the funding agency or the Faculty Research Development Office.

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