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NSF Day Breakout Sessions

Additional Detail to Be Added Closer to Event

Program Manager

Breakout One
2:55PM - 3:55PM
Breakout Two
4:05PM - 5:05PM
Jodie Jawor (IOS) BIO BIO+
Jeremy Epstein (CNS) CISE CISE+
Robert Russell (DRL) EHR EHR+
Anthony Kuh (ECCS)
Nora Savage (CBET)
Prakash Balan (IIP) ENG ENG+
Chungu Lu (AGS) GEO GEO+
Tim VanReken (EPSCoR) OIA OIA+
Vyacheslav (Slava) Lukin (PHY)
Tomasz Durakiewicz(DMR)
Paul Filmer (OISE) OISE OISE+
Bill Badecker (BCS) SBE SBE+
Jeremy Leffler (BFA) BFA BFA+
Lisa-Joy Zgorski (OLPA) OLPA OLPA+

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