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2021 Symposium Workshop Sessions


Building new tools for forensic research to serve communities

Presented by: Heather Edgar, Ph.D., D-ABFA, Professor of Anthropology, Forensic Anthropologist, Office of the Medical Investigator

Open access databases break down barriers to research by sharing previously limited resources. However, building such databases presents practical and ethical challenges, especially when human data are involved. Dr. Edgar will describe the challenges encountered in the development of the New Mexico Decedent Image Database, a new research resource with worldwide application. She will also discuss local applications of this resource to improve the identification of missing American Indians.

Keynote Recording

Excel Magic for the Research Administrator

Presented by: Moe Bundrage, Accountant III, CGA, Mark Herrell, Accountant I, CGA, James Seegers, Accountant III, CGA

Pre-recorded video on demand! This course is designed with the department research administrator in mind. Do you have PIs asking you for useful data and reports on active awards? Are you strapped for time and need tips on pulling together large data sets in a short window? Our goal with this course is to provide tips on using excel to your advantage in pulling useful reports and data that can be shared with Program Managers, PI's, and other relevant stakeholders. We will focus on intermediate to advanced-level functions, including pivot tables, Vlookup functions, and more.

Staying Off the Radar: Audit Overview, Update, and Lessons Learned

Presented by Jason Galloway Associate Controller, HSC CGA, Jeremy Hamlin, Associate Controller, Main Campus CGA

The Research Administrator role has lots of variations and can span both pre-award and post-award. This interactive session is designed for those who are new to UNM or new to the role of Research Administrator. As a Research Administrator, you are the go-to person for most research related questions. Knowing where to find the right resources and who to call with questions can make all the difference. This session will include an introductory discussion with staff from the Faculty Research Development Office (FRDO), Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP), and Contract & Grant Accounting (CGA) who will provide a high-level overview of the life cycle of a grant or contract, explain the roles & services provided as well as available resources. It will include a discussion on strategies for success & pitfalls to avoid.

Data Security for the Research Administrator. A primer.

Presented by: Information Security & Privacy Officer, Information Security & Privacy Office, Grace Faustino, IT Project Manager 3, OVPR

Protecting research information and systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction is a critical component to safeguarding research information and preventing financial loss or damage to the university's reputation. Protecting confidential information is not only a legal and business requirement, but is also an ethical requirement. uarding research information and preventing financial loss or damage to the university's reputation. Protecting confidential information is not only a legal and business requirement, but is also an ethical requirement.
Due to increased cybersecurity concerns throughout the world, research sponsors are including more stringent requirements for working with restricted data. There is a notable increase in the number of grants and contracts requiring the university to implement specific privacy and security safeguards for data and information systems as mandated by federal (HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, CMMC, FERPA, GLBA, ITAR, Privacy Act), state and/or local law, industry sanctioned (PCI-DSS), university policies (i.e. UF Privacy Office, Security Office) or agreements (i.e. Data Use Agreement, Business Associate Agreement, etc.).
This session will describe the basis of the requirements and offer best practices in identifying these requirements, with a special emphasis on the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

Developing Yourself and Others

Presented by: Bonnie Minkus-Holmes, PhD, Sr. Consultant, EOD

Developing Yourself and Others looks at a three-step process that will enable leaders to create a development plan that is feasible, supported, and measurable. This process is applicable to developing yourself as well as others. Development increases productivity as well as retention and engagement for yourself and your team.

Certifications are Worth the Effort! Overview of New Banner 9 Effort Certification System and Escalation Process for Delinquent Reports

Presented by: Jessica Armijo, Accounting Manager, Main Campus CGA, Jason Galloway Associate Controller, HSC CGA, Jeremy Hamlin, Associate Controller, Main Campus CGA

Effort reporting is a federal requirement as outlined in OMB Uniform Guidance, and is a process by which the monthly salary charged to a sponsored project is substantiated. This session will walk you through the new look and feel of the Banner 9 version of the effort certification system in Employee Dashboard. In addition, we’ll outline the escalation process for delinquent certifications and the ramifications of noncompliance.

F&A 101

Presented by: Michelle Casias, Proposals and Research Administration Systems Manager, OSP

Facilities and Administration (F&A) 101 will be an overview of indirect costs. In this session you will hear a brief summary of how the rate is established, why indirect costs are important to higher education institutions, learn how OSP determines the rate using the applicable rate guidance, and learn about resources related to F&A rates.

Foreign Influence on Research: What does it mean and why should we care?

Presented by Deb Kuidis, Industrial Security Officer Facility Security Officer (FSO), Jeremy Hamlin, Associate Controller, Main Campus CGA

"Since early 2018, there has been heightened awareness and increased activity related to the issue of foreign influence in academia within the federal government and amongst our peer institutions. Federal funding agencies have issued new requirements and guidance, federal law enforcement agencies have increased prosecutorial activity, and Congress has signed new legislation and sought information on how the academic research community is responding to this evolving issue. Presentation will focus on: Sponsor specific requirements - i.e. current and pending support, other support New Sec 117 Self Disclosure Form (Jeremy) and other types of Disclosures.

Presentation Recording

Infoready Review: Faculty Gateway to Internal Funding Applications and Recognition Awards nomination portal.

Presented by Monica Fishel, Associate Director, FRDO, Grace Faustino, IT Project Manager 3, OVPR.

The UNM Office of the Vice President for Research has acquired InfoReady Review, a web-based tool to manage a variety of internal competitions including internal funding, limited submissions, and Recognition Awards. The goal of this tool is to make running competitions and applying for internal funding easier and more efficient. This session will be an overview of this tool, the navigation, types of opportunities that can be found there, and how to support your PIs as a proxy submitter.

Running Reports that Work for You

Presented by Teresa Hammitt, Accounting Manager, CGA, Andra Kiscaden, Sr. Business Manager, NM EPSCoR, Rebecca Valdez, Sr. Sponsored Projects Officer, OSP

Research Administration has a lot of challenges and UNM has developed tools to assist in the monitoring of your restricted awards. This session will present how you can utilize the OSP Dashboard, MyReports Ad Hoc options, as well as other MyReports and Banner screens to assist you in your research projects.

Overview of the Office of Academic Personnel (OAP)

Presented by Emily Luhman, Director of Faculty Relations, Office for Academic Personnel

The presentation will provide updates on the OAP (previously OFAS), including personnel, faculty hiring process, summer compensations, and more.

Getting Started with

Presented by Nicholas Olson, Sr. Sponsored Projects Specialist, OSP, Isela Roeder, Faculty Research Support Officer, SOE Dean’s Office

In this session we will review helpful tips and demonstrate how to navigate Topics will include: creating and affiliating your account to UNM, entering proposal budget information and linking your collaborative proposal to other associated institutions. This session will also cover some distinctions between the and FastLane Systems.

Introduction to Subawards

Presented by Brianne Lucero, Sr. Sponsored Projects Specialist, OSP

Do you have a proposal that was recently awarded and contains subrecipients? Not sure how to get the subrecipient their funding? This session will cover the OSP subaward process from receipt of the Notice of Award through Subaward Agreement drafting and execution. We will cover the documents that are reviewed and required in order to initiate the subaward and will review the various steps and parties involved to get your subaward agreement to the finish line.

The Ins and Outs of COI

Presented by Sue Marker, Compliance Specialist, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance.

The presentation will look at the COI process for main and branch campuses and how that process integrates with other UNM offices and award sponsors.

UNM IRB 101: Why, When, and How to Submit

Presented by Linda Mayo, Director Office of the IRB

This presentation will provide basic information on what projects involve human subject research and helpful guidance on the submission process.

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