Reporting Conflicts of Interest

To meet current federal mandates on reporting foreign interests, activities, and affiliations though conflict of interest (COI) programs, researchers engaged in UNM research need to submit their COI disclosures in accordance with principal UNM policies governing COI, namely: UAP 3720, Faculty Handbook Policy E110, Faculty Handbook Policy E80. Also, UNM’s faculty researchers have to abide by the Faculty Handbook Policy C130 on conflicts of commitment. UNM offices which enforce these various policies will collect all pertinent information needed for addressing COI and, where applicable conflicts of commitment, through their existing forms and processes. These UNM offices may report foreign (and domestic) associations disclosed on their forms to the sponsoring agencies, if required by the sponsoring agencies or export control rules.

To date, there have not been any changes to federal regulations on COI. NIH/PHS issued a clarification that researchers are expected to disclose, among other things, their foreign affiliations with, and activities at, foreign non-profit research centers and public institutes and entities, even if they are exempt from disclosing the same type of affiliations/activities for domestic non-profit and public entities.


For questions on COI disclosures for research that occurs on Main and Branch Campus

Office of Research & Compliance COI unit
Tel: (505) 277-1045

For questions on COI disclosures for research that occurs on HSC Campus

HSC Compliance Office COI unit
Tel: (505) 272-6433