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Safeguarding Research Activity:
Ensuring Transparency, Integrity, and Reciprocity


Note: This information and guideline portal will be updated continuously as we continue to get more information. (Last Updated June 2, 2021)

How to Disclose

How is UNM meeting this requirement?

  1. At the proposal stage, OSP will continue to collect and submit the CV or Bio-sketch, Current and Pending support and any other documents that require this type of disclosure as listed in the solicitation for each sponsor.
  2. Some sponsors both private and public (mostly DOE) include provisions in awards that require PI to report any involvement in foreign government talent recruitment program. Any required action will be communicated to the PI by OSP staff.

Faculty Responsibility

  1. All forms submitted to OSP as part of the proposal record must be complete and accurate and include both paid and unpaid collaborations or projects.

Responsible Offices

Main campus Office of Sponsored Projects
HSC Office of Sponsored Projects

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