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Research Collaboration

The University of New Mexico has a long history of cooperation with industry in support of research. Industry collaboration benefits the mutual health and productivity of industry and society. Cooperative arrangements help the university to achieve its goals for research, teaching, public service and cultural diversity.


A. Identify a research partner at UNM with whom you would like to collaborate.

B. Schedule meeting with UNM Researcher and Industry Liaison (contact information below).


A. Develop and/or finalize scope of work and budget.

  • Who is Involved? Technical point-of-contact (POC) from both parties should work together to finalize technical aspects.

B. Discuss appropriate contractual mechanism(s).

  • Who is involved? Contractual POCs from both parties will work together to determine appropriate mechanism(s).

  • UNM offers the following Standard Agreements.

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Sponsored Research Agreement
    • Material Transfer Agreement
    • Fixed Price Professional Services Agreement

For information on obtaining these standard agreements, please contact the Industry Liaison (contact information below).

STEP 3 - NEGOTIATE (if needed):

A. Negotiate terms and conditions of a contract, as needed, to reach mutually-beneficial agreement.

  • Who is Involved? Contractual POCs will work together to negotiate terms and conditions of an agreement, as needed. Technical POCs may provide technical guidance related to the contractual terms.

  • UNM's ability to negotiate is limited by certain restrictions. Please see list and explanation of UNM’s position on common contract terms and conditions.


A. Finalize contractual documents and obtain appropriate signatures.

  • Who is Involved? Technical POCs may provide final approval of technical aspects. Contractual POCs will obtain authorized signatures of their respective entities.


A. Maintain communication through life of project to determine need for modifications, as necessary.

  • Who is Involved? Technical POCs should maintain consistent communication through the life of the project in order to ensure the project is flowing as planned. If changes, amendments, or extensions to the project are needed, the Technical POC should inform their respective contractual POC. Contractual POCs will effectuate any changes via amendment to the contract.


Industry Liaison

Michelle Casias
Manager, Sponsored Projects
Office of Sponsored Projects

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