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Contract Archaeology director Dello-Russo to retire

Office of Contract Archeology director Robert Dello-Russo will retire from The University of New Mexico in January.

UNM’s Carlton Caves awarded Micius Quantum Prize 2020

In addition to Caves, the other laureates were Jun Ye from the University of Colorado and Hidetoshi Katori from the University of Tokyo for their groundbreaking achievements in precision quantum measurements in the development of extremely stable and accurate optical atomic clocks.

UNM mechanical engineers develop a new way to solve deformation instability problems

University of New Mexico Ph.D. Student Siavash Nikravesh and Mechanical Engineering Professor and Department Chair Yu-Lin Shen, using Center for Advanced Research Computing resources, have developed a new three-dimensional modeling approach to solving deformation problems, making it easier to design a wide variety of products including flexible electronics.

Faculty honored with Research and Creative Works Leadership Awards

In October, The University of New Mexico's Office of the Provost recognized two faculty members including Meeko Oishi in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Benjamin Clark in the Department of Psychology.

Let there be light; UNM researchers discover certain materials combined with UV light can kill coronavirus and other viruses

Despite these grim realities about the novel coronavirus that has taken 2020 by storm, disrupting the work, school and personal lives of nearly everyone on the globe, some University of New Mexico researchers have found a possible breakthrough in how to manage this virus, as well as future ones.

Biologist publication a step in fighting disease in humans and agriculture

In newly published research titled Multiple origins of obligate nematode and insect symbionts by a clade of bacteria closely related to plant pathogens,researchers look at Drosophila neotestacea and its relationship with parasites and symbionts.