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Transform Your Idea Into Your Research

5. Administer Award

Seek assistance from UNM Contract & Grant Accounting, Main throughout the process so that you can focus on the research, ensure good stewardship of funds and conduct the research responsibility.


Step 1.

During the life your award, direct any questions about your budget, expenditures, allowability of charges, and access to grant and salary reports on your awards to your Fiscal Monitor

Step 2.

Invoicing and Financial Reporting
Your Fiscal Monitor is responsible for creating monthly invoices for each of your awards and submitting invoices to sponsors for payment. For fixed price awards, please work with your Fiscal Monitor to confirm successful completion of deliverables or milestones in order for your Fiscal Monitor to complete and submit the invoice to the sponsor for work performed. All financial and non-technical reports required by the sponsor in the terms and conditions of the award will be submitted by your Fiscal Monitor.

Step 3.

Salary and Effort Certification
You are required to certify effort on your awards on a bi-annual basis. UNM Contract and Grant Accounting (CGA) maintains the effort certification database and reporting system and oversees compliance with this requirement. You will receive a system generated email once the effort has been reviewed by your department accountant or administrator and is ready for you to certify.

Step 4.

Subcontracts and Subawards
If a portion of your award is passed through to a subrecipient, you are required to monitor performance of the subrecipient. The PI is responsible for overseeing programmatic aspects of the subcontract/subaward. In addition, you are required to review and approve subrecipient invoices prior to payment. Subrecipient invoices should be sent to and will be forwarded to your Fiscal Monitor for budget review. The Fiscal Monitor will send the invoice through workflow for PI approval prior to payment by Accounts Payable.

Step 5.

Regulatory Compliance
Work with compliance programs to maintain applicable research compliance approvals . You will need to coordinate these approvals with the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). It is the PI’s responsibility to ensure compliance approvals from all applicable committees are in place prior to initiating the activities.

The University is audited by external auditors on an annual basis. The auditors select major federal programs for audit and evaluate expenditures on these federal awards. If your award is selected for audit, you will be contacted by the Contract and Grant Accounting (CGA) office to provide additional information for the auditors as needed. Sponsoring agencies also conduct periodic reviews and audits. CGA is the official University liaison and point of contact for sponsor and external audits. Direct any questions you may have on any of the above to the CGA office.

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