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6. Close Out & Final Reporting

Review & adhere to UNM policies and practices for research, financial administration, management of an award and compliance.


Step 1.

At the end of the award, your CGA fiscal monitor will close the award. Begin working with your department administrator and fiscal monitor 90 days prior to the budget period end date to ensure the closeout of the award is completed within the required time frame per Uniform Guidance (UNM must submit, no later than 90 calendar days after the end date of the period of performance, all financial, performance, and other reports as required by the terms and conditions of the award).

Review Items:
  • Review award terms & conditions for final documentation requirements, deliverables, and deadlines to ensure they will be met.
  • If necessary, work with the OSP Awards Team on an extension to your award. This can be accomplished through the closeout workflow as well.
  • Review award expenditures & ensure allowability and allocability. If any expenditure does not belong on your award, it must be removed before the fund is closed. Work with your department administrator on ensuring unallowable charges are removed in a timely fashion.
  • Make sure all allowable project costs have posted to the UNM index number. Expenditures that post after the fund is closed and final reports are submitted are the PI’s responsibility (will post to the over-expenditure index on record).
  • Open PO’s and encumbrances should be closed in Banner by your department administrator. (NOTE: The fiscal monitor will close any subaward encumbrance).
If applicable, make sure:
  • Cost share commitments are met and posted on the cost share index (if not in-kind).
  • Program income is spent in full.

Step 2.

For subaward closeout, subrecipients must submit a final invoice by the date indicated in the subaward agreement. This date is typically no later than 60 days after subaward end date.

Step 3.

Technical/Scientific (Performance/Progress reports)
Unless the sponsor grants an extension, submit all final performance documentation no later than 90 days following the project end date. Some due dates may differ; check sponsor requirements in your award.
In all cases (for final technical/progress reports):
  • Review your award for specific closeout requirements and deadlines.
  • Submit all required reports following sponsor instructions.
  • Confirm with your fiscal monitor (when signing the C&G Fund Closeout Reconciliation Form) on submission of the final progress/technical report
Internal-UNM Closeout Reports
To be filled out and signed by the PI:
  • Patent Questionnaire
To be signed by the PI: External—Federal Contracts
CGA submits the completed federal contract forms to the sponsor.
Examples of required federal contract closeout forms that may require PI signature and/or completion include:
  • SNL – Statement of Completion
  • SNL – The Certificate of Contractor Compliance with the Patent Rights Clause
  • DOD – DD250 Material Inspection and Receiving Report

Step 4.

Records Retention
UNM CGA will ensure all financial records of your award are retained in accordance with federal, state, and agency guidelines. You need to ensure that bi-weekly time sheets are properly kept and retained in your department as these are not kept by any other central office.

The University is audited by external auditors on an annual basis. The auditors select major federal programs for audit and evaluate expenditures on these federal awards. If your award is selected for audit, you will be contacted by the Contract and Grant Accounting (CGA) office to provide additional information for the auditors as needed. Sponsoring agencies also conduct periodic reviews and audits. CGA is the official University liaison and point of contact for sponsor and external audits. Direct any questions you may have on any of the above to the CGA office.

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